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WGSNET is a WGSNET PTY LTD privately held and operating from Sydney, Australia. The board of directors share a strong vision for the company and our core values include customer service, integrity, reliability and accessibility. Our staff serve you from a culture of responsibility with authority - this means that every one of our staff has the ability and authority to ensure your expectations are met or exceeded at every point of  contact.

Our Systems

We bring a wealth of knowledge and years of first-hand experience together to provide you with the best possible solutions. Our control panel systems allow you to do what you want, when you want, where you want and our hosting services are a cut above the rest. You can rely upon us to reduce the complexity and increase the reliability of your hosting services.

Customer Support

To stand out in today's market requires more that just high uptimes and availability. At WGSNET, not only do we provide excellent customer support but we go one step further - we provide you with a customer care team ready to assist should any issue need escalation. We pride ourselves on our culture of customer orientation and understand that you and your needs are our business.

Service Level Agreements

To assure you that we stand by our promises, every web hosting plan provided by WGSNET is covered by an aggressive Service Level Agreement (SLA). Typically a SLA provides you guarantees of uptimes, availability and performance. With WGSNET anything less that 99.99% uptime* is covered and reimbursements from 10% to 100% available.

The directors of WGSNET emphatically believe in giving back to community and charities around the world. Our giving is centered on underprivileged children, and sponsorship of local community.

Australian Business Number: 35 135 932 071
Bank A/C #: BSB: 112-879;   A/C: 465621368
Brands Plesk, Parallels, AMD, Intel, Linux
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