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Reseller Hosting

How does Reseller Hosting work?

You start by signing up for one of our dedicated reseller hosting plans. You will receive limited but thorough access to Plesk Control
panel on the server in which your reseller hosting account resides. This gives you the immediate ability to set up resold accounts and access to other dedicated reseller tools, such as branding options. You can create shared hosting accounts in your own space and bandwidth limitations. The accounts you create share your resources.

Why Reseller Hosting?

Bulk reseller hosting accounts are not placed on the same servers as our shared servers. You can create and sell your own hosting
plans at your own pace. Each reseller hosting account setup shares your space and you have more direct control over each hosting account. Probably the strongest appeal of bulk dedicated reseller hosting is its economical benefit: reseller hosting is inexpensive.

It's fast, easy, and economical to open a dedicated reseller hosting account. There are no long-term contracts, no obligations or
quotas to meet, and no hidden fees. The number of hosting accounts you sell is completely up to you. All of our reseller hosting plans
include our guidance to help you succeed and gain a competitive edge in the market for your reseller hosting.

What does Reseller Hosting Include?

WGSNET Account and builing system
Plesk /cPanel reseller Control panel acccess
Plesk / cPanel Control panel for all your clients
Quad CPU servers
Own diskspace and bandwidth
Instant account setups
Branding in your client's control panel
Optional custom name servers
Optional 2 IP addresses: 1 for account, 1 for name servers
Domains, eMail & Lists, FTP, and MySQL Databases

Reseller Plan Features
Reseller 1
Reseller 2
Reseller 3
$185.00 mo
$280.00 mo
Disk Space
50 Gb
75 Gb
100 Gb
50 GB
100 GB
150 GB

Brands Plesk, Parallels, AMD, Intel, Linux
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